CV Yes

If I ask you, and by you, I mean the two people probably reading this blog, what company has the best customer service around what would be your answer?  I’m just throwing it out there you would say Jet Blue or Zappos or Nordstroms.  Okay you probably wouldn’t even think about Nordstroms unless you were my mom.  You wouldn’t say Comcast and if you did, I would really have to question your people skill requirements.

I am not going to say any of those.  I am going to say CVS! In the past three years I have never gone into any CVS and not been pleasantly surprised on how helpful and nice every employee is. They are always so happy to see me when I am coming through the drive-through, telling them I forgot my extra care card, getting photos.  The teenage guy at the register didn’t even blink when I came up with my Fleet laxatives that one time I did a juice cleanse and thought my body was turning inside out and all the supposed toxins in my body were coming together in a fight to destroy me. (They weren’t by the way and I will never drink parsley again). That’s for another day.

Anyway, I kind of feel like if I am ever lonely in the middle of the night or I just need to talk to someone about something I could just walk into a 24 hour CVS. And if I am lucky leave with a friendly smile and a 6 foot long coupon receipt.


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