Eye Fucked My Dog

A few months ago I started to take Fred to a bad ass dog trainer.  Fred’s anxiety and aggression was just getting too much for me and I knew I had to so something quickly. I went to Canine Solutions in Rye, NH. This isn’t your average trainer.  He doesn’t train with love or cookies or sweet voices. He doesn’t believe in muzzles and he doesn’t believe in cuddles.

I can take a lot of shit from people when it comes to criticism. Usually I just fire back at people harder and smarter but this guy matches me and I love it.

During one class Fred had to sit on a bucket and I had to walk away and make sure he didn’t move. If he got up, I had to walk up to him and make him sit again. And on and on until the damn dog would just sit. When Fred looks at me, I can walk towards him and if he followed my eyes and body, I could pet him.

Of course Fred is all ADHD and gets distracted by a piece of dust so he wouldn’t look at me at first. So I would just walk up to him and stare at him until he looked at me bending down and doing anything to get his attention.

That’s when the trainer screamed “Don’t eye fuck your dog.”

Bad. Ass.


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