Family Welcome Mat(ters)

When I first got with K I was so excited because she had this huge family with lots of nieces and nephews and siblings and I thought for sure I would become part of all that and could finally call myself an aunt.  And that has happened to some sense and I am grateful for the relationship I have with a couple of kids but at the same time I am just so disappointed that I have been considered such a devil by the others.

I used to drive to work and pretend that during my wedding I would walk down the aisle dancing to one of my favorite songs and each of the 8 kids would walk before me wearing red Converse and dressed with a spot of red and each of them would be dancing too.

But now I realize that won’t happen.  They don’t see me as family.  They don’t really even see me as a human most of the time. And the idea of me getting married and being part of the family frightens the shit out of them. They think I am some sort of evil witch who will put a spell on their children or something.  They might not really think that but they both said to me “you are not welcome here.  nobody wants you here.  you have ruined the family.”

So it’s super fun to hear those things when I used to daydream like I did.  Now the only daydreaming I do is telling them to fuck off.  It’s too bad too cause I am going to have one hell of a cake at the wedding.  Too bad bitches.  Too bad.


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