No Shirts, No Shoes, Plenty of Service

I pass by a nudist park on my way to work everyday. Each day I see a different car pulling out and I always wonder what those people are thinking. Are they embarrassed? Are they proud? Do they have pants on? Did they take a wrong turn and really just pull into there to turn around?  I don’t know why I picture these people driving around in VW bugs or old beat up Chevy Cavaliers but they don’t. They pull down in Honda Accords and once I saw someone drive down in a brand new Audi.

What exactly happens day to day at a nudist park? I have a hard enough time not spilling food on my clothes when I eat dinner I can’t even imagine how difficult it must be not to spill hot pasta sauce on their boobs and bellies. That would be horrible. Ice cream I would be able to handle because I would most definitely just lick that off. Unless it landed on my feet, then I would probably think twice before licking it off them.

Do they have dressers at nudist parks? I ask only because they have to wear clothes to leave the nudist park so when they get back to the park do they just throw off their clothes and spread them all over the bedroom like I do or do they neatly put them in dressers?

I just looked it up online and they said there are a lot of family sporting activities happening at the park. I don’t know about you but unless I wear my super supportive sports bra you won’t even find me climbing up my stairs half the time. When they say sporting activities are we talking kickball and frisbee? Or is it more like swimming in the lake, which would be much easier on the naked body.

Also, what child wants to see their parents naked? Especially their naked parents playing tetherball with each other??!


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