I love listening to comedy on Sirius when I’m in the car. I get so bored with music and comedy helps me get through traffic, long drives, stop lights, slow drivers and people who pass me when I am going 85 only to break two seconds later when they realize I was only going as fast as the person in front of me.

The problem I have with the comedy station though is that most people are just not funny. Aren’t we in 2015? Shouldn’t there be more women comedians by now? In an average hour, I hear about 10-15 comedians and if I am lucky I will hear one woman. But that is not usually the case. I would say that 1 out of every 40 comedians they put on air is a woman. They will even play a male comedian twice before they put a woman on. That bothers me.

When did it become ok for comedy to be about rape? Why do men think it is funny to make jokes about it and why does 1 out of every 5 men do jokes on rape? Yesterday I listened to one man do a skit on child porn and men raping children.  Men always joke about men being fags and and gay and how is that ok?  And even worse – who is in the audience laughing at this??

Men also make hundreds of jokes about women being fat, women being bitchy, women being nags, women hating sex and on and on. When did it become ok for men to hate women so much and that be funny?

Don’t get me wrong, women nag on men too when they finally get a chance to be on the stage but they don’t HATE men. They just tease them. Women usually joke about putting themselves down on how they are fat or nagging or hate sex. When did it become ok for women to hate themselves so much??

That’s why I like comedians like Jim Gaffigan, Jon Stewart and Julie Goldman. They are just funny and he don’t have to put people down. They don’t have to talk about rape or punching women or putting on blindfolds to screw their fat girlfriends. Ellen is the same way. She is just funny because most of her jokes are about pop culture.

Don’t get me wrong, I joke about so much. Nobody is really safe. But I know my limits. I won’t joke about 911 or the developmentally disabled or overweight people at the gym or domestic violence. There is so much in life that is funny and annoying and ridiculous. But one of the great things about comedy is that the people listening can say “totally, i totally get that. Wish I could say that.” But I don’t know a single person in the world who would say “I totally wish I could rape that woman then hit her with a frying pan. She is fat. She deserves it.”


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