All cats go to heaven

I woke up this morning to the sounds of a cat crying in pain. Fred was concerned. I was concerned. I went outside and it looked like the cat had a broken leg. These are things that came into my mind:

  • I have to bring this cat to the vet because it’s a sign I am supposed to help it.
  • I don’t really have the means to pay for this right now.
  • I wish we had an animal shelter nearby that takes in injured animals.
  • I need to donate money to animal shelters that help injured animals.
  • I have to help this cat.

Then I called a few people and they said the best thing I can do is have animal control come and take the cat and they will euthanize it. I suppose that was the best thing to do but I feel it was wrong. The woman came and she was very nice and did the microchip test and there was no microchip. (That reminds me I should probably register Fred’s microchip after 4 years).

I can only hope that the cat gets some love before it is put to sleep. Or even better they find it’s owner.

I am now sitting in the kitchen bawling my eyes out and Fred is sitting in his crate looking really sad. And of course now I am thinking that Fred would have been Portland’s rehab dog. Yes I named the cat Portland because he showed up at my house.

But I can’t do anything now. I have to believe that the best thing for this cat was to put it down and the sign maybe wasn’t that I needed to keep Portland but rather really start donating my time and money to animal shelters. That has to be my calling.

P.S. My “neighbor” is a cop and told me that they would just shoot the cat in front of me. So I will not be speaking to that person ever again in my life.


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