The Clap

I went to see The Four Piano Men (not sure if that is the exact name) in Manchester the other night. It’s a show where two men play the songs of Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Freddie Mercury and Billy Joel. Of course since this is a fun show with upbeat songs they fully expect the audience to clap along with the singers.

This. This I can’t stand. I pay to see the show. I do not pay for 200-300 unsynchronized white people (we are in NH) to clap for half the show. Why can’t people figure out how to clap in unison? Why are there always about 20 people who continue clapping after the clapping has finally stopped? I don’t think it really is too hard to learn how to clap. I think we did this when we were about 3 months old and continued throughout childhood, adolescence into adulthood. We played patty cake, Miss Murphy, clapped at sporting events, graduations, weddings, promotions at work, theater performances. We have had plenty of practice.

I think when you show your ticket when entering a theater you should be required to do a 10 second clap to music and if you can’t, then you need to go in the no clapping area of the audience.


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