Nice Cream

The other night I was in JP and I got ice cream at JP Licks. As usual, the line was very long so I was able to take my time and really figure out what flavor I wanted to try. My go to flavor there is black raspberry with chocolate jimmies but I decided to go outside of my comfort zone and try something else.

I was really close to it being my turn but there was one black guy in front of me doing the same decision-making process as me. The guy behind the counter went right past him and asked me what I wanted. I was like “no he is next”. He ordered some crazy peanut butter chocolate flavor so I was intrigued. After he ordered I was like “wow that sounds really good.” And then he was telling me that his wife wanted it and he had to make sure he got it 100% right. Then we talked about what flavor I finally decided to get.

We got to the counter and I was taking my debit card out to pay for Kristen and my ice cream and the guy told the girl at the register that he was getting mine too. I was shocked and laughed and said “is this some kind of pay it forward thing?” And he said simply. “No. You talked to me so I wanted to buy you ice cream.”

What’s crazy is that I was so shocked and so was the girl at the counter. We live in a world where we are shocked when people do nice things but even crazier we live in a world where people are so happy that they take the time to talk to them that they want to buy you ice cream. It was sweet and it made me happy.

And I got mint cookies and cream with chocolate jimmies.


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