How are they Abel?

The other night K and I were staying in yet another trashy hotel. *See footnote. I didn’t have a book or my kindle and didn’t really feel like watching TV and I wasn’t tired so I figured I would start to read the bible. It was either that or a book of the list of restaurants in Danbury. CT.

I am not sure if it was the Old Testament or the New Testament. I really don’t know the difference and I don’t really care. I usually judge books by their covers so if I did that, it looked new so I’ll just go with that.

I have always really wondered what all the fuss is about and why our basic existence from most of the world is revolved around the words in a book. I know I went through Genesis in Hebrew School but I don’t remember a thing.

I am usually a really fast reader but I could only got through page 8 before I fell asleep. It takes so much brain energy to get through just a page. I don’t even think a kindle would be able to define half the words.

I got to the part where Eve had a third kid.  A third kid???! When did that happen? And how did that happen? First of all I can understand how Cain and Abel were born but I really don’t understand where their wives came from and how they had kids of their own.  Makes no sense. And if Cain killed Abel or maybe it was the other way around, why would Adam and Eve even want a new kid? I think that would be a sign that maybe they should just stop. And how did Eve even conceive another kid. Wasn’t she like 50 by then?

And where did Noah come from? And wasn’t there a lot of famine back then and disease? How did one of each sex of animal survive? And no animal was infertile?

Anyway that’s where I am right now. I am not sure who the editor was of this book but they definitely didn’t get a degree in publishing.

*Footnote:  K is no longer allowed on Expedia.


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