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I think I have a problem. I eat too much. More specifically I eat too much Asian food. More specifically than that I eat too much Saigon Tokyo. Going even further with the specifics I eat too much sushi. And not raw fish sushi. More like veggie maki rolls and shrimp tempura rolls. I also really enjoy Thai food and sticky rice. It actually reaches the point if I order pineapple fried rice, I also order sticky rice.

You may also notice there are a bunch of chopsticks in this photo. The reason being that when I pick up the food orders they must think I have ordered for four people. Last night the girl at Saigon Tokyo was like “you ordered a lot. that’s a lot of sushi.” Whatever lady.

I used to be a person who loved fortune cookies. I truly believed that the fortune I opened was meant for me and what was written inside was a sign of things to come. I once received a fortune cookie book where I could paste all of my fortunes in there to keep forever so I would bring them home from the restaurant and put them in my wallet only to clean it out a few months later and throw them away. Needless to say none of these fortunes ever made it into the book although it really was a sweet gesture.

Nowadays, the only thing fortune cookies are for me are a chance to watch Fred chew something loudly. He is a big fan of the fortunes and it could not be more adorable to watch him eat them. I don’t even like the taste of them anymore. And don’t get me started when I get the orange flavored ones or the ones that are half chocolate/half whatever flavor they usually are.

I think fortunes should have real life advice. I would love to open one up and have it say something like this….it might make me think twice before I order Saigon Tokyo and I’ll get pizza instead.

fortune3 fortune2 copy fortunefortune4


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