You really crossed the line

Why do people behind me find it necessary to cross over the solid white lines when merging into the highway? Don’t you think that I want to do that too? But I don’t. I don’t want to be stuck behind the slow car merging. I want to immediately go into the left lane too but I don’t because I wait until after I pass the solid white line. That line is there for a reason. When you cross that line from behind me, especially if I have my blinker on it’s just plain rude.

This ridiculousness reminded me of a blog I wrote a few years ago so I decided to revisit.  Here it is.

I Cross My Heart
Here’s the thing. This is NOT the west coast. This is the EAST coast, which means, we don’t care about pedestrians in the crosswalks. So maybe I should just write down the rules of the crosswalk in case you aren’t from around here and you need to know.

Rule #1: When you see a car coming at you at let’s say at least 30mph, that does not mean you can just walk out in the road and cross because you are a pedestrian. That’s right…even if there is a pedestrian crossing sign, you still can’t do that. Unless you have the ability to walk through cars, then by all means, go for it.

Rule #2: When you are crossing the crosswalk, do not chit chat with your friend like you walking down Newbury Street window shopping. This is not time to dilly-dally.

Rule #3: Do not look at the person in the driver’s seat that had to stop the car to let you walk. That person is not happy that he/she had to stop the car. Look straight ahead.

Rule #4: Do not yell at the person who had to stop short in order to let you walk with pharases such as “slow down!”. Again, that person is not happy that he/she had to slow down.

Rule #5: If you are going to cross, then cross. Do not get timid and take a step forward and then take a step back, then take a step forward. Either cross or don’t cross.

Rule #6: Do not put your hand up in a motion to stop a car. I don’t care if we get $100 tickets if we don’t. That is just annoying and YOU should be fined if you do that.

Rule #7: When you have a walk signal, you still need to pay attention to cars! You see, in MA we have right turns on red. That means when you have a walk signal, we can still go. So pay attention.

Rule #8: We can jaywalk here. True. However, you can’t just cross in the middle of the street when cars have a green light because you are too lazy to walk the 10 feet down to the crosswalk.

Rule #9: Say thank you when a car stops for you at a crosswalk. We didn’t want to do it so if you say thank you, that will make he/she feel much better.


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