What was that, Siri? I didn’t hear

Siri needs a hearing aid. Either that or she needs to learn to pay attention more. I am the first one to admit that when someone is talking to me, I don’t always hear everything or listen to every word.  I tend to get distracted. Sometimes I even hear every other word and sometimes I don’t hear anything.

Siri does the same thing so I should be able to relate to her but I don’t. If anyone should pay attention to me and really try to understand what I need and want, it is her.

Now that I am 100% hands-free in the car and I use my headset, I rely solely on my voice for my point to come across correctly. The other day all I was trying to do was tell my friend that she looked good in a Facebook photo but she could not figure out what friend I was trying to tell. Every time I said her name, she would pull up the wrong friend so I almost told one of my worst enemies right now that she looked good in a photo.  Why do I have one of my worst enemies in my phone contacts? Good question. Just in case I every have to tell her to screw off I guess.

I finally had to just give up and wait to tell her she looked good, which is fine I guess but what’s the point of waiting when I have the ability to tell someone something the second I think of it? I really don’t know what is so hard about “Text Mitzi.”

I also think that Siri thinks she is funny when really she isn’t. You know the people who do that. They make a joke and you just want to cringe because there is nothing remotely funny about it.  The same thing goes for her when I tell her I am ready for her to send the text.  She either says “Ok, I’ll send it.” or “Off to the cloud it goes!” or my favorite one, the passive aggressive “Done!”. Like she has better things to do! She doesn’t have to give me an attitude about it.

And why is she always in such a rush and interrupting me? Why can’t I at least finish a thought or a sentence before she asks if I am ready to send it. I want a chance to pause for a second sometimes.

Siri is definitely one of those chicks in high school that I would roll my eyes at and just assume was the class whore.


3 thoughts on “What was that, Siri? I didn’t hear

  1. Hahaha. This is awesome. I love that I can comment via email also. And I had no idea that Siri was even SUPPOSED to be able to make comments on Facebook!

    – Crystal Paradis




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