Riding along in my automobile….

I spend a lot of time in my car each week.  I would estimate that I spend an average of 10-15 hours a week in my car and drive at least 500 miles a week. That is if I don’t do something on the weekend, but that hardly ever happens. Lately I have realized I am probably spending too much time in my car and here are some reasons why:

  • I have 6 pairs of shoes scattered all over
  • I will have 7 pairs after tonight when I have to change from my wedges to my sneakers for class
  • K told me my trash bag smelled and I didn’t smell it at all. (Plum pit…yikes)
  • I now get annoyed when I see people holding their phones and talking (if I have to use a headset then you should too)
  • Sometimes I just want to drive off the highway and do some sort of crazy spin in the median and I think about it for a second
  • I don’t even brake when I see a cop anymore. What’s the point.
  • My radio station and the gas station radio are the same so I don’t even have to miss a beat when I pump
  • I know exactly how many minutes it will take to get to work when I reach a certain point
  • I do calculations in my head based on mph and my speed and distance etc and I spend a lot of time thinking of ways I can get somewhere quicker.
  • I put on Waze just in case she has a new way to go but she never does
  • Every time I hear One Direction “Story of my life” I still sing it out loud and turn it up
  • I still have no idea what “Story of my life” is about. Not even one clue.

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