Planet Clunk

I get the concept of Planet Fitness. Cheap gym membership without all the frills where you can just go and work out and be done with it. For the most part, I am totally cool with them and they suffice. I just have a few complaints and questions to the guys from Dover who started this whole thing.

  1. The logo:  It’s kind of hideous.
  2. The colors scheme:  Yellow, purple and black with a big hand with a thumbs up.  Lame.
  3. The gear:  Don’t even understand it.  Why a gear?
  4. The air:  Is it that hard to use air conditioning in a gym? It’s incredibly hot in there guys. It would be nice to at least have some cool air.  And the one fan you put in the front doesn’t really hit everyone.
  5. The massage chairs:  why do some do your entire body but some only do your back. What is the point of putting my legs in if they aren’t going to get rubbed.
  6. The coins:  They are so stingy with the coins for the massage chairs.  They always ask how many I want and I feel judged when I say more than two.
  7. The lunk alarm:  Kind of a funny concept but not when it goes off because I cough.
  8. No judgement zone:  It’s supposed to be a gym where everyone can go and feel like nobody is watching them. The thing is everyone is still really in shape and skinny there.  I can’t blame Planet Fitness for that but I want to anyway.

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