Insight, Eyesight, Hindsight

I had an eye doctor appointment today. I love going to the eye doctor. I look forward to it every year. When I was a kid I wanted to be an optometrist. I thought it was the coolest career. The doctor got to use all these cool gadgets and machines and I thought the doctor was the smartest man on earth because he knew how to read all the numbers on the machines.

When I was a kid they still used the paper eye charts. Today, the only paper you see at the eye doctor is the receipt from the credit card for the $80 extra it costs to get checked for contact lenses.

My experience today was so cool. First they did the typical measurements and the pop of air in each eye. But next came the photo of my eye. They took a picture of my eye all the way to the back of my head! Fascinating!

I always think it is so funny when they give you two options of letters and you have to choose which is the most clear. I always panic a little because I don’t want to get it wrong. I know there isn’t a “wrong” answer but I never know if the answer I am giving is going to make me have worse eyesight than the year before.

The best part of my appointment today was when I got to see the photos of my eyes behind my head. It was like a beautiful painting with lines and circles and colors. I wanted to get a copy of the photo so I could enlarge it and frame it on my wall. She told me that I had an exquisite retina and took a gorgeous photo. It was one of the most beautiful she has seen.

Well, I guess that brings a whole new meaning to the term beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Side note:  My right eye did get worse. But only be. 25. But still.


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