Seeds and Nuts

I’ve been wanting a bird feeder for years. Before living in Dover I’ve always had apartments where I didn’t really have the ability to have a bird feeder so it was something I always thought about. I love watching the birds at my parents house and part of me wanting to live in NH was being able to live in a place where I could also have one.

Now I have an awesome house with two porches and a back patio so my bird watching experience could be limitless. (Yes, that was dramatic intentionally).

The first step was to figure out where to get bird feeder. I looked online and places like Target but nothing was doing it for me. K and I always laughed about the bird feeder store called Wild Birds Unlimited. I mean an entire store just about bird feeders and seeds? How does something like that even survive?

Well I was wrong.  I went there yesterday and was really surprised on my experience.  Who knew there were so many types of feeders and poles and contraptions I could buy. The man helping me was the owner and you could tell that he just loved his job. He knew everything about feeders. food, nuts…anything to do with birds.

Of course I bought the most expensive feeder because why wouldn’t I? It’s a squirrel proof feeder with a lifetime guarantee. I also bought the entire system to put it into the ground and a hummingbird feeder. He taught me all about the nectar for the feeder and offered me up a recipe.  Who knew.  A recipe for sugar water. He helped me pick the best seed and even knew which birds ate the different types of seeds.  He showed me the inner workings of the feeder and how to clean it.

I don’t think I’ve had that kind of positive shopping experience in forever. I probably would have spent $400 if I didn’t stop myself. I probably would have set up a osprey nest in my background and let’s face it, those birds won’t make the trip down to Dover when they can enjoy the beauty of Acadia National Park or Naples, Florida.

Now will I be the type of nut to sit in my yard with my binoculars and Audubon book all day? No. That won’t be happening. But I am excited to finally have something I have wanted for years.


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