I’ve got nothing

I went to therapy today and the session lasted like 20 minutes. Why? Because I didn’t really have anything that was bothering me at all. I am doing everything I am supposed to be doing and I feel pretty good.  It was funny. And I am not used to that AT ALL! I was talking about going to the gym, and feeling good and not crying and getting excited for vacation and liking my job and hanging with friends and having a good relationship and planning my future.  It was awesome. So I paid the $25 copay and left without the pitied look of a therapist’s face.  Go me!


2 thoughts on “I’ve got nothing

  1. Laura, I’ve read every one of your blogs (how did I not know you were doing this!!).Total “Laura binge”!! :D. They made me laugh, made me sad, made me miss you! I’m so excited to read them from now on! I laughed out loud reading about your dog trainer post!!

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