Special Delivery

Keep me posted. That’s a term we hear daily whether its for work or a special event in our personal lives. It’s origins come during the Colonial Era, if someone wanted to share news or information with the community, the person would post a note on a large wooden post. But today we just use it any time we want to know some information or get some news.

However, keep me posted just reminds me of my annoyance of the postal system lately so I am going to try to stop using it. I still can’t forgive the post office for telling me that they couldn’t send me stamps for 5-7 days.

What really gets me though is delivery service.  Is it just me or does every delivery say it will get to me by the end of the day and it always comes at the end of the day? So my biggest question to you is, if every single package is getting delivered by the end of the day who is getting packages in the morning and afternoon? What exactly is going on in those trucks? Is that what the term special delivery means? If you get your package in the morning, that means your special?


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