Say My Name , Say My Name

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my name. Do you ever wonder where your name came from and why it was chosen? It seems like today names come from so many places. Some people name their kids after family members. Some name their kids after part of a family member so if the grandmother has some horrible name like Esther (that was my grandmother’s name so that is why it is particularly horrible). So for Esther parents would name their kid “Ther” or “Estie”. Some name their kids after their favorite movie or actor or singer.  And some people I think open up a baby name book, close their eyes and stick their finger in and get whatever they land on. One of my old bosses had twins and named them Alex and Ben I think because she called them Baby A and Baby B.

So why Laura?  I know I’ve asked many times before how that name came about and I can never remember the answer. It might have something to do with Hebrew or Yiddish names of my ancestors. I must say my name every day and type it and write it and hear it but sometimes I still don’t think of myself as a Laura. Your name is so much of your identity so I am not sure what Laura has to do with me. It’s not really a common name but am I a Laura? Sometimes I think of myself more of a Robin (my middle name). Not with a “Y”! Reese Witherspoon’s real name is Laura and she changed it to something cooler.

Don’t get me started when someone calls with Lori or Laurie.  It’s really not that hard to remember the name Laura. And at restaurants, why do I get called Maura? Since when does the “L” and “M” have the same sound?

I was almost a Molly, which would have been cute. There is a story behind that but for another time. If I was a guy, I would have been a Paul.

And how about Goldberg? How tied to that name am I? I have been a Goldberg for 38 years. Yesterday I saw my name on a shirt for work and I was thinking, “Goldberg sounds so harsh!”. It was one of those softball shirts so it was probably the first and only time a name like Goldberg was on one of those.


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