I’ve been a chicken

I have always been appalled a the idea of eating chicken on the bone. Something about that seemed too caveman to me. Watching people suck the skin and meat off a bone and licking their fingers just grossed me out never mind the sound that it makes.

But for some strange reason a couple of weeks ago I tried one. Then I tried another. Then I tried another. Then I ended up eating about 6 of them. K and I went out to a sort of Asian Fusion restaurant and she ordered them. I decided to try one and I immediately fell in love. No wonder wings are such a staple in America. I guess I always thought that chicken wings came from baby chickens.

Then on Friday night I went out to eat and I had the biggest craving for chicken wings. I saw them on the menu and I had to have them. And they were delicious. I could not get enough of them. I sucked every last piece of chicken off of each and every bone. I lick smacked every finger until there was not a trace of sauce left on them. I would have licked the plate too but I decided that might have been distracting to the people on a swinger date next to me.

I don’t think I’ll be eating .25 cent chicken wings at Wild Buffalo Bills or Wings R’Us anytime soon but give me a fancy fusion wing any day.


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