Going in for the kill

I found myself about to bawl at work today but instead managed to only have a few tears. I was reading an article about the slaughter of an elephant family for their tusks and the baby elephant orphan that was rescued but then died a few days later from sadness and stress. I can’t understand this. I can’t understand humanity sometimes on how people could kill these amazing animals. It breaks my soul a little bit every time I see something like this.

And I can’t read any more about Cecil the lion. I can’t read any more this week about any slaughter of any animal or why hunting is not a bad thing. I just can’t. These people need to be in prison after getting body parts amputated without anesthesia.

I won’t get into gun control or anything about guns right now. What I don’t understand is how small a person’s soul has to be to kill an innocent animal in the wild for fun. There is nothing that anyone can ever say to me that will change my mind about this. Don’t even try. I will ravage you.

The idea of the baby elephant seeing his family killed makes me want to throw up and run to an elephant sanctuary immediately and spend the rest of my life helping them.


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