President Stupid Pig

I am pissed. I watched the Republican Presidential Debate last night (and by watched I mean inwardly screamed at the TV with a lot of outward sighs). I am not going to get into policies or views or anything like that because we all have different beliefs (even though mine are the right ones—-and by right I mean correct).

What I am going to get into is, once again, why so many people in this country think it is okay to diss women. Why is it ok for any man but especially a Presidential nominee to call a woman a fat pig? And why is okay that when he does call a woman a fat pig, that half of the male audience cheers like they are watching a mud wrestling match at a frat party. And why is okay that some of the women in the audience cheer at this too? Don’t you get it. These men do not have respect for women. And if you are woman, you should be appalled! And if you are a man, you should be mad!

And it shouldn’t matter if the woman is Rosie O’Donnell and people are not fans of Rosie. She is a woman and deserves respect. And for the record below are some the charitable organizations and causes that Rosie has and continues to support.

No Presidential nominee should use the words idiot or stupid ever especially in a debate. I hardly use the word stupid because there are so many other names you can call people that don’t make you sound like a first grader.

Get with it people. This is America we are talking about. A place that so many people in that room believe is based on moral Christian values. Well, it’s not Christian to put women down. Or maybe it is, I don’t know. I’ve only gone to church a few times and I don’t really listen, I just look at all the stained glass windows. But listening to people in our country laugh and cheer with a man who can so unapologetically place the opposite gender below his own makes me want to move to Norway when I have children.


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