Only a bed, a dresser and a breakfast

I love bed and breakfasts. In theory. I like the idea of staying somewhere quaint and learning the history of the homes I stay in. We stayed in one in Bethlehem, NH this past weekend and it was so pretty. The house had a great story and even Cary Grant and Marilyn Monroe had stayed there before. (I thought maybe Marilyn stayed in our room and bathed in the tub but she was in another room).

The inn keeper, Mary was so friendly and she also had a cool story. She even had cookies and brownies out for us. She showed us upstairs to the master bedroom and when we walked in it was very pretty. She showed us the room and then left us in there. K and I turned to each other and at the same time realized there was no TV in the room. This was the first time we didn’t bring a kindle or a laptop or a ipad with us when we went away. Of course!

We need TV. Sure it’s nice to have quiet be away from it all but we need TV. We needed to watch the entire season of the Good Wife. So we got on our phones and looked up the closest store. We found our way to WalMart and looked for a Chromebook but they didn’t have one. We then went to Staples and found one. There was only one left in stock and it was one that was returned but I didn’t care. I bought it and brought it back to our room. And within three minutes we were hooked to the wireless and watching TV. Thank god!

I think in the future, we need to vacation in a place with a five star hotel. I am beginning to realize that is the only way to vacation. In a bed and breakfast you get an amazing meal but you have to sit down with strangers and talk to them at 8:30 in the morning. No matter how nice people are, I don’t need idle conversation on my vacation especially when I am enjoying a good biscuit.


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