Morning Insomnia

I have never had a problem sleeping. I love sleeping. I can sleep anywhere. In a grocery store. I a meeting. In a car. You get the picture. If you said to me “Laura, go to sleep”, I would fall asleep within five minutes. If there were Oscars for sleeping, I would totally win.

K, however, can not sleep. She has horrible insomnia. Sometimes I wake up for two seconds in the middle of the night and she is just laying there reading Buzzfeed. Sometimes it seems that no matter what time of night, I see the light of the iPhone.

Then, within a minute, I hear my phone beep saying that I have a new message. And the message is always from K from an article from Buzzfeed. It has become my way of getting the latest and greatest news about things we have talked about. Today I got an article on how to deal with my phone and my lack of iCloud storage. One day I got the best 20 castles in Wales. Best hikes in NH. Anything really. I think it’s so funny that she can find an article on any topic, on any website at any time.

I’ll have to start a topic challenge. Stay tuned.


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