Going to stick with it

I started going to community acupuncture again and I love it. As much as I would love to go to regular acupuncture three days a week I can’t because

  1. My work schedule won’t allow me to get there before it closes
  2. It would cost too much since my insurance doesn’t cover it.

So I settle for the second best thing. Community. It costs $15 a pop and I can go as often as I want and stay for as long as I want.

It’s so fun to go inside and lay down in the chairs and wait for my turn while watching other people. Almost everyone in the room is always sleeping with their mouths gaped wide open. And I am no exception to this rule. After about 5-10 minutes, my body goes into some sort of deep trance and relaxation. I know I fall asleep or maybe I am half asleep. When she puts in the needles there are definitely places where it hurts and after about 10 minutes the pain goes away completely!

The first time back after almost 8 months, the guy left a needle in my ear. Last night she put so many in my ear that it bled.

But the point of this entire story is not actually about acupuncture at all. Yesterday I had on skinny jeans which I had rolled twice to make more like capris (but a little longer). I never used to wear skinny jeans but I have learned to love them. I knew when I got there that I would have to push my pants up my legs so I sat on my chair and I did just that. They were tight going up but I managed to do it. The problem was after my session, I could not pull them back down. No matter what I did, those pants were not going over my calf muscles.

If you know me, you know I a slightly obsessed with my calf muscles and how strong and big they can get. Well, with all my hiking and exercise, I am thinking that maybe they got too big! When I got home I sat on the kitchen floor and K helped me get them off by pulling them inside-out. So morale of the story is this. When going to acupuncture (or a pedicure), wear loose fitted clothing. And if you see my calves, tell me how awesome they are.


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