Museum of Touch

When I was a kid I loved the Museum of Science. I loved to sit and stare at that mechanism that shows all the balls going up and down and around. The one from 1987 that is still going proud. I loved to see Snowy the owl. I loved watching the baby chickens hatch in their incubator. I loved going there with my dad because he was an engineer and could explain space to me.

The idea of space makes my head spin. It overwhelms me how big the world is and how small we are. I still feel like a little kid when I look up at the stars and try to imagine what other life is out there. Science was never my strong suit and it still isn’t so I can’t comprehend  how it can take 1,000 years to get from one planet to the next. I can’t understand how we figured out a way to create a rocket that orbits Earth. I can’t understand why we can see a star when it is a million light years away. It blows my mind. And I love to watch when it blows kid’s minds too.

I loved seeing the dinosaur bones and the big T-Rex you can see the moment you walk in the museum. Dinosaur’s make my head spin too.  I can’t understand how something could have roamed the Earth 500,000 million years ago. I can’t understand one species died out and another was born 250,0000 million years ago. Where did we come from!? What is next? Why don’t dragons exist? Did dragons exist? Will humans learn to breathe fire?

Am I making your head spin? That’s the point. Because I realized this Saturday that the Museum of Science is like a battleground between adults and kids with ADHD and OCD. I never realized how many things there are for kids to touch at MOS. It’s a nightmare for someone like me who has no patience for people with ADHD.  Why can’t a kid focus on something for more than 2 seconds. I want to read the signs and learn about things. I want kids to learn too. And seeing kids have to touch every. single. thing. at the museum including the walls, escalator, elevator buttons, rugs just gives me PTSD to when I was a kid with OCD and couldn’t walk five steps without having to stop and touch something too.

I decided on Saturday, while taking a 7 year old to the museum, that I need to create a museum made specifically for kids with ADHD and OCD. Basically it would just be a museum with buttons all over the walls that have nothing to do with anything since they don’t really care what they go to anyway. I would put buzzers next to each exhibit with two second timers so they would receive an electric shock if they stayed longer than that. But most importantly, I would put candy dispensers all around except instead of candy, I would fill them with ridalin!


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