The Tipping Point

Tipping is just becoming ridiculous. Why do I need to tip every single person who helps me? If I need to tip these people, then I think they should tip me in return. When I bag my own items at the grocery store, I should get a dollar. When I pick up my own ketchup at the counter at a restaurant, I should get .50.

Last night when I was picking up dinner I just felt so guilty about not putting in an extra dollar or two on the credit card for a tip. Mostly because when the guy was talking to someone else, I took a look at the other receipts in the pile, and most of them had a couple of extra bucks in the tip section so I didn’t want to look cheap. But at the same time, the only thing he did was turn around, take the bag, tell me how much it cost and put in my credit card. That was all he did. Now mind you I go in there quite a bit and sometimes he acts like he knows who I am and other times he doesn’t know who I am at all. And that alone should be the the tipping point for me for putting a big fat line through the tip section.

And how about the ice cream stands you visit in the summers.  Every single window has a can with some sort of plea from high school and college students asking for money. As if a dollar will actually help them pay for even a book in college. You seriously only put two scoops in a cone for me and totally half assed the jimmies.

Or how about Dunkin Donuts? K always feels like she has to tip but she always makes sure that the person is facing her before she puts the money in so they know she gave money. I think it would be better to give tips in quarters that way they can hear the sound of the metal hitting the plastic.

When I worked at Starbucks when I was 24, I did really appreciate the tips. I would take the coins to Coinstar every week and get the cash and then I was supposed to divvy it up between all the baristas. I never did it evenly though because we only ever got like $10 a week so I figured if I took the time to get the money, I should keep most of it.  I always expected people to give tips for handing them a caramel macchiato but now I realize they were probably thinking the same thing I think now. The only tip they needed to give me was to say “go find a job that will pay you more than $16k a year.”


I’d like to thank my manager

One of the greatest TV nights has drawn to a close. And it was a bit disappointing. There were some good moments but mostly it dragged and was just a bit predictable.

Here’s a list of things I learned on the Emmys in no particular order:

  • Giuliana Rancic needs to eat.
  • Ross Mathews needs to eat less.
  • Taraji was the second best dressed. Tatiana was the best dressed. If I had a body like that, I would wear that outfit everyday. Except for the hem of the pants. I am not sure who her tailor was but my guess is her 7 year old co-star.
  • I am sick of hearing about the show Olive Kitteredge. It looked like a horribly boring movie but it won for every category. And why is Francis McDormand getting weirder at each award show. If you couldn’t care less if you win the award, why are you even there. Thank people. It’s the requirement for being privileged enough to work in Hollywood.
  • The Honourable Women was snubbed. Also, I love when words are spelled like Honourable and favourite. It’s so much classier.
  • Andy Sandberg’s wife looks like a real b$tch. And who told her that dress was flattering. I was disappointed when Andy got the gig because I really just don’t think he is that funny. With the exception of his Mark Walhberg impression. But he had some good moments.
  • Veep is really a funny show. It’s one of the only shows out there that makes me laugh out loud on each episode. So for the haters out there who either don’t watch that show or think that another show won, watch the past three seasons. You won’t be disappointed.
  • As much as I wanted Tatiana to win for Orphan Black, Viola Davis gave such an elegant speech. She is so well spoken I could listen to her for hours. Her show, How togetaway. With Murrrder (that’s how you have to say it) is not one of my favourites (see what I did there). I think it is over acted and I don’t like any of the characters. Also, why do they have to call Thursday #TGIT. I can’t read that or say that without saying #TGI-tit.
  • Do they have to use Somewhere Over the Rainbow at every memorial montage?
  • Emma Roberts needs to go away.
  • Game of Thrones beating Mad Men. Peter Dinklage beating every other man. Right before they announced I said, “I am fine with any winner except Peter Dinklage”. I had to get up and turn the TV off and pretend it didn’t happen.
  • The best line of the entire night was when Amy Schummer thanked the person who gave her a smoky eye. Hilarious and so happy for her to win an Emmy. She deserves it.

The new shows start tonight and I couldn’t be more excited. It’s been months since I have looked forward to coming home from work and watching hours of new TV. I am even going to give some of the new ones a chance. Tonight we start with The Voice (even though I am anxiously awaiting Sawyer Fredericks debut album). But Gwen is back so all is right in the world of this. is. the. voice again!

Rolling right along

I often wonder why some of the easiest tasks make us lazy. I am guilty of this a lot. When I use a spoon for peanut butter, I just put it in the sink and don’t wash it immediately or open up the dishwasher and put it in there. When I take off a shirt, I just throw it on the chair instead of fold it and put it back in the draw. I don’t always put it into the laundry basket until days later. I often would rather throw a piece of paper on the floor of my car then take the .00003 of a second to put it in the trash bag I have hanging in my car for this very purpose.

I don’t know why we all do this. We all have at least one thing that seems like the biggest chore in the world. However, the one thing that I am not lazy about is changing the toilet paper roll. This to me seems like an easy thing to do. Okay, maybe 1 out of every 15 times I don’t do it but that is a pretty good statistic.

What I don’t understand is why so many people refuse to change the toilet paper roll. It seems almost everyday at work I have to change it. Today at the doctor’s office, there was one that needed to be changed. There was a tiny piece left on the roll and then somebody went through the trouble of walking two feet to the shelf, taking a roll, unwrapping the roll, throwing out the paper from the wrapping and then just placing the new roll of toilet paper behind the toilet.

As much as I want to get really annoyed by this I have to remember that I have so many of my own things that I just need to let this one go and be the hero and change the roll. And while I am at it, I suppose I can be better at replacing the trash bag too.

Marriage Wows

So what’s the deal lately with women who used to date women marrying men? I’ve noticed an extreme influx lately on this phenomenon. Everywhere I look on FB I see women who I know who used to date women and now they are posting all these pictures of themselves with their boyfriends and their weddings with a man.

So what changed? Was it just a phase in your 20s and early 30s? Was it just you wanting to hang out in a certain crowd and look be cool? Were you pressured? Did you finally realize that so many lesbians are crazy? Did you decide that you wanted to live a more traditional life? I mean most of you live in MA so it’s not like you have a problem marrying women.

I mean I totally get bisexuality but it seems weird with the people that I know who have done this. The really seemed so into women. Or maybe it was all just a game to them.

I have known a few women who have dated men and then switched to women but that seems different to me. In a way it sort of feels like these women marrying men are traitors in a way. I know they aren’t but sometimes I feel like they took the easy way out.

I am an introvert so just let me be alone.

I am an introvert.  To the extreme. And that is not going to change. Anyone who wants that to change, well you are going to be disappointed because it isn’t going to. I am almost 39 years old and I have spent my life putting myself in situations that make me uncomfortable for the sake of others. I have spent countless nights hanging around people while feeling like I was drowning. Sitting around listening to people and all I can do is anything to keep from wanting to just die right there in front of everyone. I have spent years doing this for the sake of others. I sat through countless hours of family events, a million hours of sitting around watching my exes drink with their friends. And I decided a couple of years ago, that I am not going to do that anymore.

Now that I know what makes me feel good about myself and what doesn’t, I won’t put myself in a situation where I know I will spiral into a state of depression and negativity.

So that being said, if I don’t hang out with you in a big group, it’s not because I don’t like you. It’s not because I don’t want to know you. It’s because I need my space. I need to have the sound of the TV in the background to keep me from thinking other thoughts. I need to not answer idle questions or smile when I all I want to do is be alone. I know myself more than anyone in the world so if I don’t show up, it’s because I need that time. I need to not talk. And that usually happens after I’ve been talking for hours and hours.

If you want to get to know me, then you will. But at a time when it I don’t feel pressure to be someone so you can feel better about yourself. Go out to dinner with me. Go for a walk with me. Go hiking with me. Read my blog. Ask me relevant questions. But please don’t expect to get to know me in a group of 20 people because that is not going to happen.

And if I do allow you in, know that you must be special. But know that I need to do it in my space and in my time. Just because you may thrive in situations with a zillion people, doesn’t mean I do.

I promise you will know me. I can’t promise that you will like everything about me.