Marriage Wows

So what’s the deal lately with women who used to date women marrying men? I’ve noticed an extreme influx lately on this phenomenon. Everywhere I look on FB I see women who I know who used to date women and now they are posting all these pictures of themselves with their boyfriends and their weddings with a man.

So what changed? Was it just a phase in your 20s and early 30s? Was it just you wanting to hang out in a certain crowd and look be cool? Were you pressured? Did you finally realize that so many lesbians are crazy? Did you decide that you wanted to live a more traditional life? I mean most of you live in MA so it’s not like you have a problem marrying women.

I mean I totally get bisexuality but it seems weird with the people that I know who have done this. The really seemed so into women. Or maybe it was all just a game to them.

I have known a few women who have dated men and then switched to women but that seems different to me. In a way it sort of feels like these women marrying men are traitors in a way. I know they aren’t but sometimes I feel like they took the easy way out.


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