Rolling right along

I often wonder why some of the easiest tasks make us lazy. I am guilty of this a lot. When I use a spoon for peanut butter, I just put it in the sink and don’t wash it immediately or open up the dishwasher and put it in there. When I take off a shirt, I just throw it on the chair instead of fold it and put it back in the draw. I don’t always put it into the laundry basket until days later. I often would rather throw a piece of paper on the floor of my car then take the .00003 of a second to put it in the trash bag I have hanging in my car for this very purpose.

I don’t know why we all do this. We all have at least one thing that seems like the biggest chore in the world. However, the one thing that I am not lazy about is changing the toilet paper roll. This to me seems like an easy thing to do. Okay, maybe 1 out of every 15 times I don’t do it but that is a pretty good statistic.

What I don’t understand is why so many people refuse to change the toilet paper roll. It seems almost everyday at work I have to change it. Today at the doctor’s office, there was one that needed to be changed. There was a tiny piece left on the roll and then somebody went through the trouble of walking two feet to the shelf, taking a roll, unwrapping the roll, throwing out the paper from the wrapping and then just placing the new roll of toilet paper behind the toilet.

As much as I want to get really annoyed by this I have to remember that I have so many of my own things that I just need to let this one go and be the hero and change the roll. And while I am at it, I suppose I can be better at replacing the trash bag too.


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