I’d like to thank my manager

One of the greatest TV nights has drawn to a close. And it was a bit disappointing. There were some good moments but mostly it dragged and was just a bit predictable.

Here’s a list of things I learned on the Emmys in no particular order:

  • Giuliana Rancic needs to eat.
  • Ross Mathews needs to eat less.
  • Taraji was the second best dressed. Tatiana was the best dressed. If I had a body like that, I would wear that outfit everyday. Except for the hem of the pants. I am not sure who her tailor was but my guess is her 7 year old co-star.
  • I am sick of hearing about the show Olive Kitteredge. It looked like a horribly boring movie but it won for every category. And why is Francis McDormand getting weirder at each award show. If you couldn’t care less if you win the award, why are you even there. Thank people. It’s the requirement for being privileged enough to work in Hollywood.
  • The Honourable Women was snubbed. Also, I love when words are spelled like Honourable and favourite. It’s so much classier.
  • Andy Sandberg’s wife looks like a real b$tch. And who told her that dress was flattering. I was disappointed when Andy got the gig because I really just don’t think he is that funny. With the exception of his Mark Walhberg impression. But he had some good moments.
  • Veep is really a funny show. It’s one of the only shows out there that makes me laugh out loud on each episode. So for the haters out there who either don’t watch that show or think that another show won, watch the past three seasons. You won’t be disappointed.
  • As much as I wanted Tatiana to win for Orphan Black, Viola Davis gave such an elegant speech. She is so well spoken I could listen to her for hours. Her show, How togetaway. With Murrrder (that’s how you have to say it) is not one of my favourites (see what I did there). I think it is over acted and I don’t like any of the characters. Also, why do they have to call Thursday #TGIT. I can’t read that or say that without saying #TGI-tit.
  • Do they have to use Somewhere Over the Rainbow at every memorial montage?
  • Emma Roberts needs to go away.
  • Game of Thrones beating Mad Men. Peter Dinklage beating every other man. Right before they announced I said, “I am fine with any winner except Peter Dinklage”. I had to get up and turn the TV off and pretend it didn’t happen.
  • The best line of the entire night was when Amy Schummer thanked the person who gave her a smoky eye. Hilarious and so happy for her to win an Emmy. She deserves it.

The new shows start tonight and I couldn’t be more excited. It’s been months since I have looked forward to coming home from work and watching hours of new TV. I am even going to give some of the new ones a chance. Tonight we start with The Voice (even though I am anxiously awaiting Sawyer Fredericks debut album). But Gwen is back so all is right in the world of this. is. the. voice again!


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