The Tipping Point

Tipping is just becoming ridiculous. Why do I need to tip every single person who helps me? If I need to tip these people, then I think they should tip me in return. When I bag my own items at the grocery store, I should get a dollar. When I pick up my own ketchup at the counter at a restaurant, I should get .50.

Last night when I was picking up dinner I just felt so guilty about not putting in an extra dollar or two on the credit card for a tip. Mostly because when the guy was talking to someone else, I took a look at the other receipts in the pile, and most of them had a couple of extra bucks in the tip section so I didn’t want to look cheap. But at the same time, the only thing he did was turn around, take the bag, tell me how much it cost and put in my credit card. That was all he did. Now mind you I go in there quite a bit and sometimes he acts like he knows who I am and other times he doesn’t know who I am at all. And that alone should be the the tipping point for me for putting a big fat line through the tip section.

And how about the ice cream stands you visit in the summers.  Every single window has a can with some sort of plea from high school and college students asking for money. As if a dollar will actually help them pay for even a book in college. You seriously only put two scoops in a cone for me and totally half assed the jimmies.

Or how about Dunkin Donuts? K always feels like she has to tip but she always makes sure that the person is facing her before she puts the money in so they know she gave money. I think it would be better to give tips in quarters that way they can hear the sound of the metal hitting the plastic.

When I worked at Starbucks when I was 24, I did really appreciate the tips. I would take the coins to Coinstar every week and get the cash and then I was supposed to divvy it up between all the baristas. I never did it evenly though because we only ever got like $10 a week so I figured if I took the time to get the money, I should keep most of it.  I always expected people to give tips for handing them a caramel macchiato but now I realize they were probably thinking the same thing I think now. The only tip they needed to give me was to say “go find a job that will pay you more than $16k a year.”


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