Surge of TV

My favorite season is finally back.  Fall.  And yes I love the bright colors, and the pumpkins and the donuts and the apple picking. But what I love even more than that, is the fact that my DVR can again be filled with shows that I get to stay up late at night to watch. Last night there were 4 shows showing that beautiful red recording button at the same time. It’s like a surge of adrenaline when I get to see that!.

Empire, Law and Order SVU, The Affair, Quantico, Fargo, Homeland, Criminal Minds, TGI TIT with Scandal and Grey’s and even the annoying How to get away with murder….new shows, old shows, comedies, dramas. You name it, I am recording it.

Some people get high off of drugs. Some people get high off of alcohol. Some people get high off of caffeine.  I get high off of good TV. There is nothing like watching a show and then going into work the next day to talk about it. I love the fact that I can talk about TV like it’s my job. I love when my old friends come back on air and I get to make my way back into their lives. Last night I got see Reed on Criminal Minds.  I really wish he was my friend in real life.

And we get to do it for at least three weeks until all the networks decide to go on “mid season” break. What’s with this break anyway? Why do we need to have three week breaks in seasons? Do actors really need that much of a break? Is Shonda really that busy in life that she can’t write 10 shows at once?

I always thought I belonged in Hollywood in some way or another.  I think I always will. But if sitting down each night for three hours and emerging myself into TV is how I get there right now, then I’ll take it!


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