Big Mistake. Big. Huge

I have always felt when I go shopping that people look at me differently. I go back and forth on what I want a salesperson to do when I walk in a store. And I think it really depends on the type of store. A lot of times, customers even come up to me thinking I work in the store.

When I walk into Express, I don’t need help. I go in there looking for something specific and usually leave about 15 minutes later with tears in my eyes that they have nothing over a size 6 and I no longer fit in a size 6. I really don’t need some 18 year old helping me pick out an outfit.

When I walk into Nordstroms, I like the help. Especially when I go into the bra department. They don’t judge there and usually the salesperson is as big as me so I don’t feel so bad. I have no shame when I go into those dressing rooms.

When I walk into a car dealership, I expect someone to come up to me and help me. The same goes basically for any purchase over $1,000.

The other day K and I went into Jordan’s Furniture in Reading to buy a couch. We basically went there with the sole purpose of coming out with a new piece of furniture. It was a Sunday so I had on yoga pants and a sweatshirt and K had on jeans and a hoodie. We both looked like two typical people who just want to be comfortable on a Sunday. And nobody looked at us or asked if we needed help. For a place that has about 100 salespeople crawling around looking for their next commission, it seems odd that nobody came up to us when we were basically sitting on every couch and I was noticeably excited.

Don’t get me wrong. If I don’t want someone to talk to me, I make it clear. I put my head down, I look straight ahead, I walk fast or I just say “just looking, thanks.”

We weren’t finding anything that was working for us and then we turned a corner and a halo was shining over the perfect couch. It really was perfect. It was everything we needed and wanted in a couch and one that I have always wanted a house big enough to put in. The comfort was right, the size was right. Even the floor model color and fabric was right! I knew it had to be mine. And then a saleswoman came by and asked if we needed help.  And about ten minutes later, I was buying the couch. It was the easiest sale she had all day and all she had to do was come up to us. She didn’t judge us by our sex. She didn’t judge us by our relationship and most importantly she didn’t judge us by our clothes.

And if you looked closer, you would have seen my Marc Jacobs wallet and Longchamp purse. So for the others, you missed out.  Big Mistake. Big. Huge.


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