San(d)s Healing

New Mexico is the land of enchantment and is really beautiful. I was able to be there during a few days with bright blue skies and stark white crosses on top of churches. Who doesn’t love a white cross against a bright blue sky?

I was very excited to go to this special church outside of Santa Fe that supposedly had very special healing powers with this special hold of sand. I really want to believe in that. I have changed the way I view things in life with spiritual healers and mediums and psychics. I now believe in setting intentions in life and putting good things out in the universe. I want to believe that karma happens to people both good and bad.  So you can imagine that I also wanted to believe that a pile of dirt could work too.

Something happened though when I got to this church. When I pulled in it felt wrong. My heart started beating fast and I was having a bit of trouble breathing. I didn’t want to go in. Something inside me knew that I didn’t belong there.

And I was right. The sign right before you walked into this church said something about this church is dedicated to all the innocent victims of abortion and right then and there my heart sunk to the floor and all I felt was disgust. How could this be a place of healing when the first thing you see is a sign of hate?

I went to the room the sand was in and I took some and put it in a bag. Not because I wanted to be healed. More like I wanted to take it away.

I am happy that it helps people. I am happy that people believe in the church and the sand and all the powers that be. I just couldn’t get past the sign. I sat outside and realized that nature and mountains and water is my healing. I just wanted to see mountains. And as soon as we drove away I could breathe again.


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