This morning I had an Oprah “ah-ha” moment. I have never been someone who handles it well when you tell me I am wrong about something. Not the “admit you are wrong” type of thing. More like the “you spelled that wrong” or “that’s not how you do it” type of thing. And the one person who has always told me I am wrong about pretty much everything in my life, although he doesn’t really know a lot about my life and by a lot I mean 10% of my life is my dad. Any time he gets a chance to tell me I am wrong, he does. Maybe it is because he is smarter than me, which I know he is. I don’t know.
Below is an abbreviated email conversation with him this past week.
Hi Laura,…..(words, words, words)..
By the way, I finally figured out what your use of “tom” is.  It’s “tome” when spelt correctly!
….(words,words, words)
Love, Dad
It’s actually short for tomorrow.
OK – tomorrow.  Us old folks don’t know these things –  abbreviations for texting.  I can type fast enough that I really don’t need them.
Love, Dad
Is that why you spelled it spelt?
Hi Laura,
Humm – not really sure what you mean here but “spelt” is actually a word; the past participle of the word spell.  I’m not really confident I used it correctly, though – replacing what I thought was a spelling error with perhaps a more serious grammatical error!  But then maybe not – grammer questions like this were never my strong suit – nor was spelling – but now spelling isn’t as important as it once was because computers correct it anyway.


True because you “spelt”grammar wrong too

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