Extra Extra…eat all around it

Yes I get ice cream sundaes at McDonald’s when I need a treat. Don’t judge me. I love ice cream. Probably as much as I love pancakes. I no longer buy ice cream for the house because it is impossible not to eat the entire gallon in a couple of days. Gallon. I do not buy pints. I don’t even understand why people buy pints. That’s just a tease. I messed up and bought a gallon of chocolate chip ice cream at the local corner store about a week ago. I needed it. I couldn’t stop myself and it had been quite a long time since a drive thru McD trip. And yes, it was gone in two days. Maybe three.

So McDonald’s it was last night. I just did 70 minutes on the treadmill and leg work so why not. A girl needs dessert. It’s funny because I always know when K and I are on the same page about it too. We both look at each other and just know it’s a McD night. So we hopped in the car with Fred and went on our way to get one.

Fred loves drive thru windows. He gets munchkins at Dunkin and bones at the bank and CVS. He sneaks his head around to make sure the person at the window knows he is there. It’s adorable. Of course at McD they don’t give him anything so that makes him sad.*

Back to the drive thru. Each time we go to McD for our sundaes it’s hilarious because it is always a different price and we always get the same thing and it just cracks me up. Sometimes it is $3.68. Sometimes it’s $4.17. Other times is’s $3.98. It’s just a crapshoot and I love it. You know what else I love? Everything about those sundaes. And you know you want one too.

*He gets to lick the plastic cup after so he doesn’t stay sad.


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