Orange you glad you aren’t 18 anymore!

I went to Syracuse. I wish I loved it. I wish I could remember college fondly and think about all the friends I met and the drinking games and fun parties, and crazy adventures. But I don’t have those. I wasn’t in the best place in college for many reasons so when I think back, I only have a few select memories. Some are good. Some are bad. Sometimes I still dream that I’m back living in the dorm room at Sadler Hall. Actually I have that dream about once a month. In the dream I’m packing to come home and I have so much stuff and I can’t get everything packed in time so everyone else has already left and I’m left alone in the dorm trying to pack up my stuff. Then sometimes I have a roommate who comes in and unpacks their stuff while I am packing my stuff. Each time, I feel this aching that I am packing but I can’t remember actually spending the year in college. So I feel like I missed out on something. It goes on like that for awhile.

Anyway, now that Syracuse men and women’s are in the final four NCAA basketball this year (go women!) it got me thinking about my time there and how so many people on FB are cheering for SU and posting pictures with their kids in SU t-shirts and everything. I just don’t have that connection to my alma mater to do that. I don’t watch the games and feel proud to have gone there. As a matter of fact, I was watching the other day thinking that every single player and cheerleader on that team was either a sperm or embryo in their mom’s uterus when I was in college. How can that be!? Are those kids dreaming of what their life will be like in 10 years and never imagine that they will ever be 40??  What are the players who were famous when I was there doing now? Working at an insurance agency or something probably with 3 kids thinking about how they wished they took more classes than Sex101 and Intro to Science.

Those are the things I think about when I watch those games. So unless I make a baby onesie that says “Mom’s favorite part of college was the unlimited cereal” I don’t think you’ll ever see my kids in SU orange.


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