Friends with benefits

Do you ever meet someone and just instantly want to become friends but you have no idea how to become that person’s friend or it would just be weird asking after awhile. I feel that way about my massage therapist. She is so cool and I know we would be friends. She is about ten years younger than me but she is just so sweet and mellow and interesting.

I go every 3-4 weeks now for a 90 minute massage because it feels amazing but also I think it is really helping my back. Anyway last night I scheduled a massage on May 5, which is my half birthday but also Cinco de Mayo. I was like “yay you can celebrate my half birthday with me” and then it took everything for me not to be like “want to go get a margarita after?” Not that she would think it was weird and she would probably love to be my friend, but maybe after pounding on my body for 90 minutes, a margarita would be weird? I don’t know.

Thank god I’ve never wanted to be friends with my gynecologist!



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