Parental Emojis

The new phenomenon of adults using emojis is just cracking me up and makes me smile each time I see it happen. I think the moment someone over the age of 60 gets their hands on the idea that they can use them, a new world is opened up. No longer do they have to call us and tell us they are happy that the price of gas went down. They can do blow kisses and smiles. They don’t have to tell us how disappointed they are that Rizzoli and Isles is canceled. All they have to do is an unhappy face.

What makes it even funnier is the random symbols. Like when I am told they are going to a movie and after is a whale, a penguin and a hot dog. Makes absolutely no sense and it’s hilarious.

I often wonder what will be the thing that the kids and young adults laugh at me about when I’m in my 60s. Will it be not knowing how to scan my eyeball correctly at the grocery line to pay for my food? Or how to reverse into a parking spot in my flying car using the flyzone app on my iphone 67c?



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