Black Bear Arms

I can’t keep my mouth shut anymore about this issue. This isn’t just about guns anymore. I won’t get into who should be allowed to carry a gun, or buy a gun, or shoot a gun. My stance will be the same as many and be different from many and that is ok. I mean if you think that a 13 year old should be able to walk into a gun show and buy a weapon but can’t even buy nail polish remover at the drugstore without an ID, then you will have to live with those consequences when things happen (and things will happen).

What my issue is right now, is the blatant racists and hypocrites in this country when it comes to police violence. The latest victim yesterday in Baton Rouge is just too much to watch. I wanted to turn my head and turn the channel but I knew that I had to watch. We all have to watch. This was murder. There is no other way to describe it. It was a white racist cop who murdered a black man for no reason.

How can people cry and scream and say that they should be allowed to bear arms but when they do, they get punished for it. This man was not going to hurt those cops. He was pinned to the ground. His gun was in his pocket. He wasn’t going anywhere. There was NO and I repeat NO reason for the cop to shoot this man in the chest four times. There was video. There is proof. If he believed that his life was in jeopardy, take out a taser, hold him down harder, put his knee harder in his back and if totally necessary shoot him in the arm or the leg. But shooting this man in the chest was cold-blooded murder and he should be punished. But will he? I doubt it. This keeps happening and nothing is changing. Try to sit and watch this man’s son crying at the press conference and tell me things don’t need to change and that people don’t need to be punished for these crimes.

When I lived in Baton Rouge, I saw racism every time I turned around. My first job out of college, the CEO of the company I worked for would shout of the “N” word any chance he got and it was reasonable. I saw parents teaching their teenagers that it was okay to be scared of black people because black people carried guns. But they ALL carry guns no matter what color their skin. It’s the right they bitch about everyday.

I hope justice is served in this case. I am sad. I am angry. Worst of all, I am not surprised.


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