Chipity Do Dah

When did it become so impossible to just pick out a bag of chips at the grocery store? There used to be like five options…maybe ten. Now there are 260 different chip options on the shelf and I can’t decide nor should I have to. It used to be plain and salted and Cape Code (which nobody really liked). Now I have salted, semi-salted, Himalayan Sea-salted, Black Sea-salted, lava-salted, kettle-corn salted. There is dill flavored, olive oil flavored, rosemary, onion, bbq, mesquite bbq, Texas bbq, Kansas bbq, vegan bbq, maple syrup, dill pickle, kosher pickle, sour pickle, sea-salted sour pickle, soft-shell crab flavored, smoked gouda, lobster-dill, sharpie pen flavored, new magazine fresh off the press flavored, hair-dye flavored, flavor of self-doubt…you name it, there is a flavor chip for it.

Let’s go back to the days where there was plain, salted and bbq. Where you knew you were wasting 400 calories and 606 mg of sodium for the ten chips that we got out of a bag.


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