Seismic and the Other S Word

We have a seismic problem in this country right now. And that problem is the overuse of the word systemic, which could really just be narrowed down to the term Seismic Systemic Systematics. Otherwise known as, “Just because you use the word systemic doesn’t make you smarter than me”.

I’m not sure when this term became the norm but can we all please learn the definition and not feel the need to use it every time we try to make a point. We have systemic racism and systemic sexism and systemic education crisis, and systemic food crisis and systemic this and systemic that. We hear it from every newscaster, from every guest on TV, from every actor an actress and musician, from every millennial or Gen X who wants to make a point about anything.

Systemically, as a country, we need to stop. So how do we stop this systemically systemic problem. Unclear. But below are some other examples of adjectives to use while we figure it out: universal, fundamental, intrinsic (my personal favorite), ingrained, inherent.

Just because you use these words before another, doesn’t mean you truly understand the issues or really want to do anything to change them. And when you do say them to me without any real value added to the end of the sentence, really all you are being is a systemic dill weed.




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