Oscar and the Grouch: Laura’s 2017 Predictions

Usually when I think of the award season and the Oscars I am in total La La Land. But this year I have been knowingly distracted….it’s a time in our life when we are faced with talk of building up fences. But you better believe that come hell or high water I will not stop looking for those Hidden Figures in my life that will make me want to take a stand…and when the time comes and the first woman president makes her Arrival you will hear the roar of the Lion all the way from Manchester by the Sea to Hacksaw Ridge (ok admittedly that one is a stretch).

The Oscars are this Sunday and Jimmy Kimmel is hosting so we should all be in for a good time. JT will be singing and so will Lin-Manuel Miranda, who if he wins will be the youngest EGOT in history. But I don’t think he will win because of City of Stars…you know Hollywood’s homage to Hollywood.

Best Actor:
Who will win: Casey Affleck
Who should win: Casey Affleck
Biggest Actor snub: Jake Gyllenhaal for Nocturnal Animals and Hillary Clinton for POTUS

Andrew Garfield in Hacksaw Ridge – Let’s face it this race is between two actors and he ain’t one of ‘em. His lethal weapon was Mel Gibson as his director so he just doesn’t have a chance.

Ryan Gosling in La La Land – I love this guy and if Emma Stone gets a nomination (and probably a win) then he also should get the nomination. I wasn’t a huge fan of the singing in this but he really can’t do too much wrong in my book. Plus he is half of the prettiest couple in Hollywood.

Denzel Washington in Fences – I haven’t seen this movie but it’s exactly what the academy likes to see. He already won the Tony for his performance so he is either going to get his second Oscar or Casey will. I’m not really a fan of either of their usual speeches so it doesn’t matter to me.

Casey Affleck in Manchester By the Sea – I think he is going to get it. I just hope he shaves his beard so he doesn’t go down in history with that look. He has some personal stuff that makes me wonder if he should get the Oscar. You know…just those little things like sexual harassment accusations but if our President (#notmypresident) can win I guess so can Casey.

Viggo Mortensen in Captain Fantastic or Fabulous or whatever it is called – I didn’t see this. He won’t win.

Best Actress:
Who will win: Emma Stone
Who should win: Natalie Portman
Biggest Actor snub: Amy Adams in Arrival and Hillary Clinton for POTUS

Isabelle Huppert in Elle – she pulled the upset at the Golden Globes. I was shocked. I really thought Natalie Portman was the shoe-in for this. This is the toughest category for me because it’s between Isabelle, Natalie and Emma. I didn’t see this movie but I’m sure it’s bonne action.

Ruth Negga in Loving – Oh lord this movie was disappointing. Probably the most disappointing of the year for me since I was looking forward to it so much. It was so slow. It was like I could feel water dripping out of a faucet while watching it and that was more interesting. That being said, she did a good job for what she was given.

Meryl Streep in Florence Foster Jenkins: Oh Meryl Meryl Meryl. I wish she would win only so she can tell Trump to go to hell again but she won’t. That’s ok. She will just get nominated again next year.

Natalie Portman in Jackie: This movie was also slow which is probably why it isn’t getting much play but she totally deserves an Oscar for this. She nailed the accent and the look and pretty much everything. I wish I could say she will win but I think Emma Stone is going to. But it would have been so cool if Natalie won her second Oscar pregnant with her second baby.

Emma Stone in La La La De Dah Land: She is on fire in the award scene and she just won the BAFTA which basically means she will win this. I thought she did good but I am not sure Oscar-worthy. But she sang a solo in front a single camera so that usually does it. She just better appreciate the fact that Leo is giving it to her this year.

Best Supporting Actor:
Who will win: Mahershala Ali
Who should win: Not a clue – they were really grasping at straws for this category
Biggest Supporting Actor snub: Both the older kids in Moonlight-BIG TIME. and Hillary Clinton for POTUS

Mahershala Ali in Moonlight – I mean I guess I understand why he is nominated but not really. Once his scenes were done I was just waiting for him to be back on the screen because of all the talk about what he did. But the two kids who in this deserved the nomination much more. I think he will win though because he has all the momentum.

Jeff Bridges in Hell or High Water – Nope. Didn’t see the movie but I assume I wouldn’t be able to understand a single word he said anyway.

Dev Patel in Lion – Didn’t see this one either but I will. I think he could pull the upset against Ali but I doubt it.

Michael Shannon in Nocturnal Animals – Nope. What’s with these actors who you can’t even understand. It’s like taking the white trash Southern accent to a whole new level.

Lucas Hedges in Manchester by the Sea- I think he did a good job. But also kind of forgettable. There wasn’t one particular scene that blew me away.

Best Supporting Actress:
Who will win: Viola Davis
Who should win: Viola Davis
Biggest Supporting Actress snub: Taraji P. Henson for Hidden Figures and Kellyanne Conway for “Alternative Facts”

Naomie Harris in Moonlight – Similar to Ali, I can see why she got play for this but I am not sure it was Oscar-worthy

Michelle Williams in Manchester by the Sea – I have absolutely no idea why she is nominated here. If all it takes to get a nomination is say three lines and cry then I could have won 50 of them by now. She won’t win.

Viola Davis in Fences – When Viola wins, she will be one award away from an EGOT. She also won the Tony for this same role. She should win mostly because nobody can ugly cry better than her. Plus I love her speeches.

Octavia Spencer in Hidden Figures – I love this movie and all of the actors in it but I’m not sure why Octavia got the nomination and the other woman didn’t. Maybe because she already won an Oscar playing a similar role? She was fantastic in because the cast together were amazing. But she won’t win.

Nicole Kidman in Lion – Is it me or seeing Nicole in a supporting role category seems odd? I didn’t see this but wasn’t she in the entire thing and basically like the only woman in it? She won’t win but I always love seeing her and Keith Urban together.

Best Picture:
Why are there so many!? It’s like when every kid in the class gets a trophy for showing up.

What will win: La La Land
What should win: Hidden Figures
Biggest movie snub: Nocturnal Animals and Hillary Clinton for Inauguration Day

La La Land – Laddy daddy dah. This has all the buzz and I am still trying to rack my brain on why. Must be the whole musical thing, which usually all giddy over. But this one was slow and didn’t really do it for me. Don’t get wrong, I love Ryan Gosling but he didn’t take his shirt off in this role and he whistled too much. Plus, I’m not a huge jazz fan. I did love the opening scene and Mandy Moore’s (not the singer/actor) choreographer was great. This was an ode to Hollywood for sure and this will win because who in Hollywood doesn’t love themselves.

Arrival – I liked this one a lot. One of those that made me ask a lot of questions afterwards and think back to something that I missed.

Hell or High Water – there was no way in #hell I had any interest in seeing this unless I was high off bong water, which I never am. And do you even get high off bong water? I really don’t know.

Lion – Sadly, I didn’t see this one but I want to. And I’m sure it’s awesome. How can it not be if it is Giuliana Rancic favorite of the year.  

Hidden Figures: This was really the only “feel good” movie I saw this year. Every other movie was sad or deep or slow. This is just one example of a story that was meant to be told and I hope there are countless more like this that come of it. Plus I am a sucker for a good space movie (except Passengers this year which was beyond disappointing).

Moonlight – I am a sucker for a coming of age story for sure and this one was good. But I a not sure I would say best picture. 

Manchester by the Sea: I really liked this. In a year where almost every movie made me want to fall asleep, this kept me interested. It was just so sad though and I would rather a movie this sad not win.

Hacksaw Ridge: Mel Gibson directed this. Enough said. I love a good WWII story but not when a racist anti-semite directs it.

Fences: Again, I didn’t see it. I want to but it’s between La De Dah and Moonlight so this won’t win.

Person most looking forward hearing speak on red carpet besides Leo: Viola Davis
Person most dreading hearing speak on red carpet: Mel Gibson
Most popular color on the red carpet: White. I mean the outfits.



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